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Life moves on

So Teddy died, MJ died and even the oxyclean guy died. We all have learnt death is inevitable, why the remorse? Then last month I saw a tabloid featuring Nostradamus’ prophecies that the world is coming to an end. Now compare that to the theory of natural selection – survival of the fittest. It all fits together and makes sense. What does not make sense is that why 1 million people showed up for MJ’s funeral. I am not insensitive to people’s loss but I do believe in the end. There are several species every year that are endangered and will become extinct soon. So will the humans! Only thing we can do is prolong the time period. We all want a better world for the coming generations but we need to make an effort. Agreeing with a handful of people who believe in this does not make the impact. What makes the impact is actually contributing towards it. So those 1 million people could have spent sometime doing something to make our world better instead of standing in a line for several hours to view a dead celebrity. Probably Nostradamus was smarter than we think. He read the human psyche and saw the evolution of world and understood that things are going to get worse. Hence his predictions. Believe me I want his predictions to go wrong. So again thousands of people who bought that tabloid, enjoyed the gossip story could have done something to save the world. And I am expecting all the people who read this blog will make one contribition to save the world! So let’s make sure we are not the next species in the theory of survival.

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Tokyo Tower Dec 2009

In India there is a famous saying for overseas travel “you are going across seven oceans”. There are a lot of emotions behind this especially when someone in family is going away. Overseas travel is considered going to a different world. I remember the 90’s when international travel was a big thing. Long journey across 2-3 continents with layovers would make it a 40-50 hours trip. Then the public telephones at airports with instructions in foreign languages! And leave alone the cost of making a call. “Hello dad Hello mom, I am safe and you take care. Bye”.

Now let me dash straight to 2009. I have a 3G international capable cellphone (accessory# 1). Called American Express travel for a flight from New York to New Delhi (direct flight – 14 hours) (accessory # 2). Booked a hotel and a cab using my iPhone (accessory #3). Had few credit cards in my pocket (accessory# 4). I packed a compact 22″ suitcase with four wheels (accessory #5). In less than 20 hours I travelled half way across the globe – door to door. If I were to take a train from North India to South India, that would be 36 some hours.

I spent a week in my hometown – crowded but it’s my home and I love it! Then packed the same bags again and off to Japan – the land of rising sun. In another 10 hours I was there in Tokyo. Attended several business meetings, ate in good indian restaurants and Hard Rock Cafe! I was still carrying the same cell phone, same credit cards and my digital camera (accessory #6). In these two weeks except for time zone changes, there was nothing else different in my travel – just like domestic travel.

So I travelled across the globe realizing that the world has truly become small. Thanks to new age technology, better airlines and global facilities at hotels, restaurants etc which make you feel the same way – just like home. Now some people travel for a change – they go to nature’s destinations like lonely islands or beaches. For road warriors like me, nothing can beat the home comfort. So good luck my fellow travelers, get your accessories and your bags – I will see you somewhere when I go around the globe again!

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