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kuch baras hue kalam uthaye hue hame

(it’s been several years i have written something)

har kavita tum tak aakar thi jo ruk gayi

(because all my poems culminated in you)

aaj phir kaagaz aur kalam ka khayal hai aaya hame

(i am going to write something today)

yeh kavita bhi hai ab tum tak aakar ruk rahi

(but this poem is also going to stop at you)

is kaagaz ke paar tumhari chavi hai dikhlayi deti hame

(i can see you through this piece of paper)

par yeh kalam bhi dekh kar tumko hai jhuk rahi

(but my pen’s shy to write as it sees you)

tum kuch door door ho, aur ab kuch khayaal aata nahin hame

(you are away from me so i can’t think of other things)

agle pal ke saath saath tum bhi kareeb aa jao 

(come back to me along with the next moment)

zindagi ki kuch ghadiyan hain ruk rahi …

(these moments in my life are stopping at you…)

This poem is dedicated to my lovely wife who is on a long vacation away from me. I miss her!

I strongly urge readers to read the hindi version because my english explanation is strictly for people who cannot understand hindi at all. For them I recommend to understand the thought behind the poem and not the literal meaning of these lines.

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Hey Desis! If you feel have been watching latest hollywood summer blockbusters, its time to change gears and visit your nearest bollywood theatre. Bollywood has finally delivered and after a long stretch there are some good desi movies to watch. Start with Love Aaj Kal with Saif and Deepika. Oh but there are two Saif’s and they are not even twin brothers. Its truly a fine depiction of love stories from kal – past and aaj – the present. While the Punjabi Saif rocks, the new age Saif is great too. Deepika is bubbly and they make a great couple. There are plenty of laughs and no rona-dhona. And when you walk out of the theatre, the music will continue to please your ears and I am sure you will be playing it on your iPod or in your car the next day. It’s available in iTunes.

Then, change the dress and your mood to watch “Kaminey”. My friends and I are still trying to find the correct english version of the word but the good old hindi word and it’s movie are both awesome! Shahid Kapoor finally shows he can act, Priyanka must tell Ashutosh that not only she is a better actress than Ash, she is more versatile. Vishaal Bhardwaj delivers a true hollywood style thriller. Now the ending could be labelled as a little over the top but there are other 2 hours and 45 minutes of great performances and story. The music is worth buying and available on iTunes. I love the fact that iTunes has started to get all new bollywood music there. So get out there and enjoy these two desi blockbusters…

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