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Heal Yourself!

There are moments in life that test your character, test your existence as an individual and test your strength. You may think that these are the worst times in your life and may struggle every step of the way. There is a very unique way to deal with this and believe me when you get past it, you will realize what an amazing person you are.
As human beings we are tuned to think through our brain when there is no pressure. However when we are in a stressful condition, we tend to think through our heart more than our brain. We react quickly and we are on an emotional roller coaster. It is in these moments when you should think of yourself as a two layered organism. An outer layer, which fights the situation, faces the harsh weather and reacts constantly. There is nothing wrong with it, it’s human and it’s healthy. Often human mind and body needs shake ups to ensure it is still elastic and can handle the extremes.
Then there is the inner layer – which is the core YOU! You – when you are happy; You – that has your base personality; You – under normal conditions. In tough situations, it is easy to put on the suit of outer layer but the resolution to the situation is in the inner layer. This is your strength, a zone where you can think through your brain.
So how do you get to the inner layer? By the process of “detachment”. Remove yourself from the tough situation by becoming calm, by becoming quiet, by engaging in something else or by talking to other people. Once you start detaching from the problem, you will start to think through your brain – think how to resolve the issue or how to overcome the problem. It is important to get to the normal state in which we operate at our best. It is in this state where we will understand the situation better and make best decisions.

Easier said than done – right? Remember this is not an antibiotic that will cure your disease in 5 days. It is a habit – something that will make you stronger the more you practice it. So go on try it!

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