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iPad is my official device for work and personal use. Taking notes (NOTESHELF), editing documents (QUICKOFFICE) or annotating documents (NOTABILITY) are essential activities for which I have been using different stylus for the last one year. Bamboo has been my favorite for last several months but with regular use it’s tip softens or breaks, and requires replacement. This time I put several stylus to test.

  1. Adonit Jot Pro
  2. Kensington
  3. Elago
  4. Bamboo
  5. amPen hybrid

I have tried several others but they were not even close. And the test was directly with the apps that I use.

Test lab/conditions: the new iPad, no screen protection, my all time favorite app РNOTESHELF, stylus listed above 

See the actual results as I jotted down my experience while writing with these devices.





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