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(my destination) 


मेरा काफिला तेरे मंज़र पर आकर रुक गया

(my caravan has come to a stop at its destination)

जैसे रेगिस्तान में रेग का हर कतरा हो थम गया ।

(like every grain of sand in the desert has stilled) 

तेरा मुसाफिर हूँ जो अब दहलीज़ पर हूँ आया

(in my search of you I have reached your doorstep) 

कोई गिलो शिकवा नहीं जो अब तुझको है पाया ।

(there is no sorrow for I have found you) 

अपनी रूह तेरे हवाले करता हूँ आज

(I offer you my soul) 

अब साथ हो तेरा, यही हो ज़िन्दगी का आगाज़।।

(to be with you will be the essence of my life) 


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I did not realize until recently that how hard it would be to find a new bluetooth headset for my phone. I am a road warrior and have to make a lot of calls all day long, and in different places like office, home, airports, streets, restaurant etc.

So what’s the big deal about a good headset?

First, it is difficult to find one with so many choices in the market. Second, companies publicize so many features with big marketing words like Noise Kill, Assassin etc. Third, you don’t really know what’s true until you buy one.

I went through an extensive exercise with 4 of the most publicized headsets on various websites like gizmodo.com, cnet.com, pcworld.com, amazon.com and bestbuy.com. This is quite a list of renowned websites to narrow down to 4 models. While the reviews on these sites are helpful but they are written with such a neutral tone that it doesn’t help with finalizing one.

Rest of the analysis from here on is from my own personal experience and a result of a rather extensive field experiment for each of the models.

Four models are:

  1. Jawbone Era
  2. BlueAnt Q2
  3. Bose Series 2
  4. Plantronics Legend Voyager


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