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12 am Cheers!
02 am Cheeeers!
04 am Cheeeeeeeers!
05 am One last time Cheeeeeer….
And we all went to sleep.

Rewind to the 90’s when a few fine young men who had never met before in their life came together in a college in India. There were no loyalties, no acquaintances yet they started to learn about each other and shared some of the finest experiences of their lives. One of those was an evening on a weekend – a table full of a variety of liquors – variety was a must because they didn’t know which one they are going to like and develop a taste for, for the rest of their life. That was a bonding moment! That night everybody won – Haywards 5000, ACP, Vodka and Gin! For the next four years, those men did not leave anything behind on the table – literally and figuratively. Now fast forward to 2010 when some of them came together again – this time they were not alone. There were wives, kids and old spirits. And the mix was awesome – a couple with twins, new mom and dad, a new couple and a not so new couple. 

Day 1: Re-union started at 12:00am with Cheers! Lots of catching up to do until 5:30am when they decided they may need some sleep for day 2. Best part, even the wives kept up with them and shared a few moments of their own.

Day 2: No surprises – it started late as expected but with lot of enthusiasm – around the kids! These men who were no longer young realized how their lives had taken a turn. It was now centered around the kids and even the ones who did not have any got involved in it. It was fun. That determined the venues for the day. However, the evening was the highlight of the day when an extensive BBQ plan was kicked off. First time on a charcoal grill was not easy for them – after 4 hours of extensive coal burning, the chicken barely made it!

Day 3: The Final Day. This one started early in the beautiful valley of the Smokies. Gatlinburg – a small beautiful town with thousands of tourists and local shopping set in the foothills. A cable car going up the hill was the best feature of the town. Following a hibachi dinner, they realized this night ought to be one like in the college in a new setting – hot tub, foosball, music and lots of pool. Their eight ball was in the right place that night.

Morning brought the departure – they all left in different directions just like they did several years ago – but to meet again!

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