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Time flies…

It’s been two years since I published anything.

I will be back soon… December 29, 2019

Happy New Year!

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dedicated to all the women in India who are subject to societal, cultural and religious atrocities. 

indian-women_marriage-educationएक नर की नारी हूँ मैं

नरों ने अस्तितिव बनाया यह

युगों युगों से अबला हैं मुझको कहते

दबे दबे से मेरे अरमां मुझमे है रहते |


शीश झुका सबको संभाला

उनके रंगों में खुद को ढाला

कलम किताबों में देवी बनाया

पर मेरे जीवन में वोह पल ना आया |


कुछ युगों में उठी , फिर भुला दिया

मेरी कहानी को इतिहास में दबा दिया

और दहलीज़ जब लांघ कर आई

एक किरण थी हाथों में पर खुद को अकेला पाई |


आज जब आईने में देखा खुद को

तेज़ प्रताप नज़र आया मुझको

मैं हूँ शक्तिशाली

नही मैं अब नर की नारी |


कोई दहलीज़ नहीं , यह जग है मेरा

तुमसे मिला वक़्त , अब है मेरा

जाग्रित हूँ , साहस है , नए युग का है एहसास

अब मैं मैं हूँ , यह है मेरी आवाज़ ||

Emancipation of women

Top right picture courtsey: http://visualmantra.wordpress.com 

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I am not a salesman or an executive who has to run a company (yet!) but when I see an average of 80 emails in my mailbox daily, I wonder about information clutter. So I talked to a bunch of my colleagues and found out what I am going to write here is a common phenomenon. We all suffer from the email overflow!

It begins with corporate announcements (about 10%) which I read selectively based on the subject or when someone in the cafeteria is talking about it (those I have to restore from Trash). Another 10% comes from reminders for deadlines or admin stuff which we should normally remember. This is a representation of how committed people are to their own plans. Sad but true – hence the email! 

Then there is a good 40% in which I am copied as FYI. Three words for the team – “just fix it”. So far 60% of the emails are about 25% effective but consume a good portion of my morning schedule. Now the remaining 40% are the interesting ones. This is where I have to really pay attention.

5% Emails highlighted in Blue are from the boss

3% Emails highlighted in Yellow are from his boss or higher

25% Pink emails are from my clients. Yes pink because I find pink to be a soothing color. Red was the original color of choice.

 As for the last 8% that’s mostly travel notifications. For my kind of job you need those – from one airport to another and another!

So are we email obsessed? Check this out



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