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If you are a frequent flyer or have been in an airplane in the last few years, you may have looked at the Skymall magazine. Every time I fly I grab the magazine first to see what’s new. There is a lot of exciting and very innovative stuff advertised in it. I call it the magazine of creative people. But this time it was different. I noticed a pattern in the variety of products that are being offered. There are so many products which make simple day today tasks mechanical or electronic – in other words they make us lazy! I had this instant flash of characters from Wall-E where future generation has weak legs and can’t even walk. The movie portrays how the human race became dependant on robotic devices for basic tasks in our life.  If there is anything to learn from the movie it is that there are a lot of mundane things which we do and should be doing to keep ourselves active. I also remembered my grand parents telling my parents how their generation was more hard-working and then I hear my parents telling me the same thing. So are we becoming lazier generation by generation? Definitely the electronic age has dawned upon us and has changed the human life – how we do things, types of medical issues we have, how fitness centers are blooming every day! Now I am wondering where am I taking this – I have no complaints about the Skymall magazine because that’s their business. How we live our life is our business – the choices we make and what lifestyle we choose. Human brain is creative enough to think of ways to make life easy – just remember the cost!

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