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Frequent Flyer

I am a road warrior. I like my Monday morning sleep and Thursday evening drink in an airplane. When you are traveling so much, you tend to develop certain likes and dislikes about how you want to travel. That includes your fellow passengers as well. For e.g. A newbie in the security line doesn’t know that he needs to take off his shoes. Entire line gets backed up by 5min – 5min is a lot of time in my travel life! Then, the newbie sits in a window seat and wants to enjoy beautiful scenery of nature while the sunlight keeps me up. Newbie, I can’t sleep – have the courtesy for your fellow passengers!

I am not being picky. There are thousands of people who would agree with me. This is just like your office space. You have it set a certain way and don’t want other people to change it. Airplane is my space.

Air travel every week is not easy especially with a perpetual “orange” security advisory. Check-in line, security line, boarding line, baggage claim line, rental car pick up – each of these activities take about 10-20min. My flight time is sometimes less than the airport administrative time. As a result, after running around the airport, only time I get to relax is in the flight itself. It’s not any different for not to frequent flyers as well.

So next time when you travel, think about people like us – come prepared, be courteous and relax!

Safe travels!

@saxenaas: written on a flight as I cannot sleep due to the sunlight in my face 🙂

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