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I have been watching a lot of sci-fi/ futuristic movies lately. Some of them are from the 1970s like the Planet of the Apes, and some are all time hits like Star Wars and Star Trek. And then there is a whole another set like Terminator, Idiocracy, Time Machine, Mad Max etc., which have their own unique concepts.

I am intrigued by the wide range of thought processes in all these movies. It’s not really about their stories but about how they envision the future of humans. And this is where I realized that we all think that we are going to hell! Most of these movies show degradation of human society and the emergence of a superior species. There is large scale destruction caused by humans, which results in a genetically altered species that dominates the Earth. In some cases apes dominate the Earth, and sometimes machines, but my point is that humans eventually become a low form of life.

Take for instance, machines rule after the apocalypse in Terminator, Morlocks eat humans in Time Machine, Apes rule humans in the Planet of the Apes and humans with IQ of a squirrel govern in Idiocracy. Whatever may be the event that changes the history of Earth, it’s humans who suffer.

So are the producers and directors of these movies trying to tell us something? If yes, are we even getting that message? Take a moment and tie this thought with the current phenomena like global warming, declining social integration, nuclear fear, rising terrorism, and cyber-crime. We are at the starting point of the journey which leads to the time that these movies depict.
Maybe I am thinking too much but maybe this is something we should think about for our generations to come!

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